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The Difference

A Unique Summer Basketball Program

At The Top offers you a unique alternative to the traditional hoop camps. It is the quintessential guard workout camp. The most dominating players at all levels, regardless of size, have exceptional “guard” skills.

Our goal is to get you to your next level!

At The Top was created with the express purpose of making all players guards. We have two (2) types of camps in one: For the younger player an easy learning camp, and for the older player a more intense experience. We KNOW your son or daughter will be given the most individualized instruction possible – including being taken by the hand in drills and shown the correct techniques.

At The Top will teach all players the advanced offensive skills that you cannot get anywhere else. Remember, great players are made, not born. Being self-made by working hard is HARD WORK. We will show you how.

The Focus Is On The Player

For the most part, At The Top Basketball Camp is for Serious Players Only! (Younger players are given a more relaxed learning camp). Why is this camp so special?

There are no games, lectures or hot-shot competitions. Emphasis is placed on individual offensive improvement through the use of proven drills and techniques to help your skills. We utilize five different camps to help you with your game – all five designed to gradually improve your total game. You will be shown how 10 dribble and score over or around your opponent.

This is an intense, hands-on workout camp. The camps are outlined on Camp Sessions page. Be prepared to work extremely hard – drill after drill, especially the older players.